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Guides | AI, Technology

A Guide to ChatGPT for Teachers

Have you wondered how you can use AI tools like ChatGPT in your classroom? If so, this guide is for you.

Guides | MIS, Technology, School Management

Choosing the Right MIS for Your MAT

What should you look for in a MIS for your MAT? This guide covers some key considerations for choosing the right technology for your MAT.

Guides | Classroom Management, Behaviour

The Difference Between Rewards and Recognition

Educators often use the terms reward and recognition interchangeably, but it’s the subtle differences that can make all the difference in your classroom.

Guides | Behaviour Management

An Educator’s Guide to Shame

We’ve all felt how powerful shame can be, but what about how it works in the classroom? We teamed up with former headteacher and behaviour columnist Jarlath O’Brien to create this guide.

Guides | Behaviour Management

Complete Guide To Behaviour Management

An important part of your Ofsted inspection, lowering misbehaviour improves student safety, wellbeing, mental health, academic performance and more, making it crucial to the success of your school.

Guides | Behaviour Management

A Guide to Behaviour Policy

A behaviour policy is a requirement for all schools, but have you taken time to reflect on yours? Engage with recent statistics, learn about behaviour policy optimisation and draft new policy in line with government guidance using this handy guide.

Guides | Behaviour Management

A Guide to Misbehaviour

This guide focuses on understanding and managing low level disruption in the classroom as a way to improve your learning environment, improve student outcomes and reduce your stress!

Guides | Behaviour Management

The Behaviour Management Suite: A Complete Guide

Satchel’s suite of behaviour management tools is a complete reactive behaviour solution that has the power to revolutionise behaviour at your school.

Checklists | Back to School

Back to School Checklists

Teachers, students and parents can use these handy checklists before going back to school to feel confident and prepared for the new year. 

Guides | MIS, School Management, Data

The Benefits of a Cloud MIS

Are you a Network Manager or Senior Leader looking to upgrade your school’s MIS and switch to the Cloud? This guide summarises the key benefits of switching to a Cloud-based MIS, along with useful information about what they are and how they work.

Infographics | Behaviour Management

Understanding Suspensions and Exclusions in UK Schools

The Department for Education releases regular suspension and exclusion statistics to the public but these can be difficult to navigate and take a long time to analyse. Check out our free infographic for an easy way to digest the headline data.

Tools | Quiz Creation, Ready-made Quizzes

Free Classroom Tool: Neeto

Part search engine, part quiz builder, this free classroom tool created by Satchel will save you plenty of time and make your lessons fun and engaging. Sign up today!

Infographics | Student Wellbeing, Wellbeing

The State of Student Wellbeing

Understand the current state of student wellbeing in UK schools with this visual infographic, highlights key student wellbeing statistics.

Guides | Behaviour Management

Guide to the Behaviour Hubs Programme

Is your school joining the behaviour hub programme? This simple overview tells you everything you need to know about the new approach to behaviour management.

Guides | Assessment

How do TAGs work?

Teacher assessed grades (TAGs) are replacing exams this year, but how can schools best prepare for them?

Guides | CPD

The Networking Guide for Teachers

Networking has many benefits for teachers. Find out how to approach networking and sharing best practice in this guide.

Guides | Social and Emotional Learning

A Holistic Approach to Education

What is holistic education and how does it work? This guide explores what holistic teaching is, and how you can apply it in your classroom.

Guides | Parental Engagement

The Importance of Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is crucial in education. Find our why, and how you can foster a positive atmosphere for parents to get involved with this useful guide.

Guides | Behaviour, Classroom Management

Tackling Behaviour Management

Need to revamp your school’s approach to behaviour? Download our complete guide to behaviour management for schools here, tacking behaviour policy, practical tips and more.

Guides | Ofsted, Parental Engagement

Parental Engagement and Ofsted

Parental engagement in school can be difficult to cultivate, but it could boost your Ofsted rating, find out how with this guide.

Infographics | Distance Learning

2020 - Year in Review

A look back at how 1 in 3 UK schools used Satchel One in 2020 during a turbulent year of school closures and distance learning.


Guides | Ofsted, School Improvement

Navigating Remote Ofsted Inspections

Ofsted have changed inspections for early 2021, make sure you know how inspections will work for your school with our Ofsted distance learning guide.

Posters | Classroom Management

The Art of Body Language for Teachers

Mastering body language could be the key to better classroom management and greater student engagement. This poster tells you how.

Posters | Student Wellbeing

Emotion Coaching for Parents

Self-isolation can be difficult for students and parents alike. Address feelings properly with our emotion coaching poster for parents.

Guides | Learning Gaps, Attainment

Guide to Catch-up Funding

Schools can now access a catch-up premium to fund catch-up learning in their school. This guide tells you what to spend it on and why.

Posters | Wellbeing

Supporting Positive Mental Health During the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health to some degree. Show students that it’s ok to talk and work through their anxieties together with this poster.

Webinars | Learning Gaps, Attainment

Catch-up Learning Strategies Webinar

Our Closing the Learning Gap webinar brings you practical advice on catch-up learning strategies from edtech leaders and frontline teachers.

Guides | Technology

Software Audit Guide for Schools

Our Software Audit Guide runs through all the considerations you should make when approaching renew dates or looking for a new platform.

Guides | Technology

Making the Most of Technology in Education

Make the most of edtech with our guide to technology in school. This guide covers digital literacy, training and tools to make technology in education easier.

Toolkits | Distance Learning

Distance Learning Strategy Toolkit

Ensure that your school is looking out for teachers’ workloads during bouts of distance learning with our distance learning strategy toolkit.

Help Sheets | Pedagogy, Technology

Understanding Blended Learning

What is blended learning and how can you apply it? This help sheet explores what blended learning is and how you can incorporate it into your classroom.

Help Sheets | School Closures, Distance Learning

School Contingency Help Sheet

Make sure your school has a contingency plan in place in case of further local restrictions or another lockdown.

Checklists | School Reopenings

Home-School Agreement Checklist

Schools, students & parents all have a role in keeping schools safe during Covid-19. This agreement is a playbook for bringing students back to school safely.

Posters | School Reopenings

Covid Health and Safety Posters

Enforce social distancing and the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it slogan with these school health and safety posters for COVID-19.

Guides | Back to School, School Reopenings

Back to School with Satchel One

As schools prepare for full reopenings find out how Satchel's learning platform, Satchel One, can support reopenings in line with DfE guidelines.

Posters | School Reopenings, Health & Safety

Tackling Covid in School: Systems of Control

This poster uses the government’s systems of control to help you keep staff and students safe.

Checklists | School Reopenings

Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy Checklist

As students prepare to return to school, it’s vital that school health and safety policies are updated to include specific information about Covid.

Checklists | School Reopenings, Attendance

School Reopenings Attendance Policy Checklist

Ensure there is no confusion around when students are meant to be in school with an updated attendance policy.

Checklists | School Reopenings, Behaviour

School Reopenings Behaviour Policy Checklist

Ensure your school's behaviour policy is up to date and reflects the new guidelines as outlined by the DfE with this checklist.

Checklists | Distance Learning

Distance Learning Policy Checklist

Ensure your school's stakeholders are aligned on what to expect from distance learning should you have to implement it in the future with this checklist.

Templates | Behaviour, Classroom Management

Classroom Contract Templates

Help your students understand how to behave in class with this classroom contract template - simply fill in and sign. Templates for Primary and Secondary.

Posters | Health & Safety

Handwashing Hygiene Posters

Display these posters in and around your school to serve pupils (and staff!) with the reminder to wash their hands.

Posters | Wellbeing, School Reopenings

Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety Poster

Feeling the coronavirus anxiety? Download our free coping mechanisms poster and start using these tried and tested coping mechanisms.

Templates | School Reopenings

Teacher Return to Work Form

A return to work form for staff who have had an extended period of absence, use this template to conduct a constructive return to work interview.

Guides | Wellbeing, School Improvement

Why Now is the Time for Teacher Resilience

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Videos | Pedagogy

What is Pedagogy?

Jack takes us through the four main approaches to pedagogy, or 'learning theories' for those not quite up to scratch on their ancient Greek.

Guides | School Reopenings

Satchel One: Supporting a Phased Return to School

As UK schools prepare for a phased return Satchel explores how their learning platform, Satchel One, could support schools in reopening.

Templates | Online Safety

Online Safety Policy Checklist

Each school should have an online safety policy to ensure the proper use of the internet during school and prepare students for life in digital Britain.

Templates | School Management, Health & Safety

School Risk Assessment Template

If you’re a school health and safety officer, or just looking for ways to improve your school’s H&S, download our free template.

Posters | Distance Learning

Distance Learning and Giving Praise Poster

Discover different types of positive behaviour that you can issue students with praise for during school closures that will motivate them in distance learning.

Posters | Safeguarding

6 Principles For Remote Safeguarding Poster

Safeguarding is hugely important as distance learning becomes a new norm. Remind yourself of these safeguarding principles.

Posters | Distance Learning

Parents: How to Stay Sane in Isolation Poster

This poster will help parents to get up and running in their home/office/classroom. It’s full of tips and activities that will aid parents in finding some order in their new lifestyle.

Templates | Distance Learning

Daily Routine Timetables for Home Learning Students

Stay motivated with your studies during school closures with this timetable. Adapt how you see fit and use it to support your distance learning.

Posters | Online Safety

Students: Finding Reputable Sources Online Poster

This poster acts as a guide for students to keep them away from fake news and help them find reliable sources to enhance their schoolwork.

Guides | Distance Learning

Satchel One for Distance Learning

For teachers, students and parents - how Satchel One's homework app, Show My Homework, can be used to support distance learning, as a result of school closures due to Coronavirus.

Checklists | School Management

School Closure Policy Checklist

A school closure policy ensures all stakeholders are aware of what should happen in an emergency school closure. Use this checklist to inform your policy.

Posters | Pedagogy, Revision

Using Retrieval Practice in the Classroom Poster

Discover simple ways you can implement retrieval practice into your teaching strategy with this poster.

Workshop | Revision

How to Revise Effectively Workshop

Apply the science behind revision techniques to get the most out of your study time with our Revision Workshop. Advice for any level or subject delivered by a revision psychologist.

Guides | Pedagogy

Four Easy-to-Implement Pedagogy Standards

Discover four easy-to-implement pedagogical standards that span different types of approaches but help all teachers effectively deliver content.

Posters | Pedagogy

What is Connectivism?

How can you make connectivism work in the classroom? This poster helps remind you of the key approaches to connectivity pedagogy.

Guides | Pedagogy

The Educator's Guide to Retrieval Practice

Discover how to implement retrieval practice into your classroom to help support your students' learning and their ability to recall information during exams.

Posters | Pedagogy

What is Social Constructivism?

If you're trying to apply social constructivist pedagogy in the classroom, but don't know where to begin, this poster is for you.

Posters | Pedagogy

7 Tips for Better PSHE

PSHE is gaining higher judgement weighting with Ofsted. Each year the value of making students more well-rounded learners raises on Ofsted's list of priorities.

Posters | Pedagogy

What is Liberationism?

What is liberationism and how can you implement it? Download our liberationist pedagogy poster to find out.

Posters | Pedagogy

What is Behaviourism?

Find out how which teaching techniques to employ for an effective behaviourist classroom with our behaviourism infographic. Download it here.

Infographics | Pedagogy

What's Your Teaching Style?

What's your teaching style? Ever wondered why you teach the way you do, and what this means about you as a teacher? Find out with our pedagogy flow chart.

Templates | Wellbeing

Teacher Wellbeing Plan

Teachers often exist in a constant state of work and no play. Take time for yourself and set some goals with our teacher wellbeing plan.

Webinars | Workload, Wellbeing

Reducing Teacher Workload Webinar

This webinar explores the five biggest contributors to teacher workload and how to tackle them.

Help Sheets | Education

Teacher Cheat Sheet: Education Acronyms

Being a teacher is confusing. You're introduced to a myriad of new terminology with no time to learn it. Our acronym cheat sheet gives you all the definitions to school terms.

Posters | Classroom Management

The 4 Core of Pillars of Classroom Management

Remind yourself of the four core pillars of good classroom management with this poster: Behaviour, praise, seating plans and lesson planning.

Templates | Classroom Management

Slow Processing Task Planners

Every year intelligent students get left behind in lessons because they have slow cognitive processing and can’t keep up. Our task planners support them in simplifying what they need to do.

Checklists | School Management

Relationships and Sex Education Policy Checklist

Comply with new RSE requirements for your school and improve PSHE lessons with this RSE Policy Checklist.

Posters | Ofsted, School Improvement

Ofsted Terminology Poster

This poster covers existing terminology as well as new additions that have been included since the new 2019/2020 framework was introduced.

Posters | Ofsted, School Improvement

What is Ofsted's 'Quality of Education'?

What do you know about Ofsted’s new key judgement - Quality of Education? It’s the most heavily weighted of the key judgements, this poster explains it.

Posters | Classroom Management

Supporting Dyslexic Students Poster

As many as 1 in 5 of us could be dyslexic. Knowing how to support dyslexic students in the classroom will allow them to flourish.

Templates | School Improvement, Ofsted

SEF Template

Ofsted inspectors will look at how relevant and accurate a school’s self assessment is. Start your journey to school improvement with our SEF template.

Checklists | Homework, School Management

Homework Policy Checklist

This checklist details what to include in your school's homework policy to ensure the homework is of a excellent standard and follows best practice.

Checklists | School Management, Attendance

Attendance Policy Checklist

Want to fight truancy and reduce absences? This checklist covers the key aspects to take into account when drafting a school attendance policy.

Checklists | School Management, Technology

Mobile Phone Policy Checklist

Every school strives for improvement and each school's SIP is individual to them. However, we've identified what we believe to be the core pillars of improvement which can help your school's success journey, no matter what your goals are.

Toolkits | Workload, Wellbeing

Reducing Teacher Workload: A Toolkit for Educators

Teacher workload has long been a concern, in this toolkit we take the five areas cited as the biggest contributors to workload and how they can be reduced.

Checklists | School Management

Communication Policy Checklist

Complete checklist of everything that should be included in your school's communication policy to help save time and keep all parties connected.

Help Sheets | SEND

SEND Help Sheet

Use this help sheet to identify students with special educational needs and understand how best you can support them in your classroom.

Templates | Data, School Management

Data Collection Audit Template

This data audit aims to help you assess the worth of the data you collect and identify any areas in which you can reduce time spent on data collection.

Templates | Classroom Management

Lesson Sequence Plan Template

Successfully plan sequences of lesson that advance learning and save you time with our lesson sequence plan template.

Posters | Wellbeing

4 Practical Tips for Improving Teacher Wellbeing

Tips for improving teacher wellbeing from Natasha Mann, an Assistant Headteacher and Wellbeing Trainer, that take minimal effort, but can have big results.

Toolkits | Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Toolkit for Educators

Resources and guidance to help make student wellbeing a priority in school so you can effectively support your students' development and mental wellbeing.

Checklists | Behaviour, School Management

School Behaviour Policy Checklist

Created inline with DfE guidelines, this checklist outlines the key areas your school's behaviour policy should cover to ensure good student behaviour.

Guides | Wellbeing

Guidance on Teaching Wellbeing and Mental Health

Guidance for educators teaching PSHE lessons which cover topics like student mental health and wellbeing, and how to create a safe teaching environment.

Templates | School Improvement

Lesson Observation Form

Easy to follow lesson observation form that outlines the key criteria teachers should either be looking for or exhibiting during observations.

Checklists | Wellbeing

Writing a Wellbeing Policy

Drawing upon guidance provided by the DfE, this checklist outlines the key areas schools should consider when developing their school's wellbeing policy.

Webinars | Classroom Management

Strategies for Classroom Manangement

Take the hassle out of classroom management with advice gathered from 1500 schools and presented by our Field Specialist in this half hour webinar.

Guides | School Improvement

The School Improvement Guide

Designed to help schools understand the core pillars or school improvement: Leadership, Looking after your Staff and Student Safety and Wellbeing.

Videos | Wellbeing, School Improvement

Jon Tait: Wellbeing at the Heart of School Leadership

Assistant Head and Author, Jon Tait, discusses what it means to put staff wellbeing at the core of school leadership and how to achieve a happy team.

Guides | Wellbeing, School Improvement

Teacher Wellbeing and School Improvement

Teacher wellbeing is integral to school improvement is fundamental to progression; this guide explores how you can promote positive wellbeing.

Posters | Leadership, School Improvement

Traits of Effective School Leadership

Remind yourself what it means to be a great leader with this poster, refer to it yourself or share with colleagues who are progressing in their career.

Guides | Homework

Research into the Importance of Homework

Remind yourself of the importance of homework with this academic essay which explores why homework is so important to our students.

Guides | Wellbeing, School Improvement

Improving Teacher Wellbeing

Guidance for educators on how to improve teacher wellbeing through the practice of mindfulness and the fostering a positive school culture.

Guides | Online Safety, Technology

Digital Literacy Analysis

Better understand the current state of digital literacy in the UK and the skills they need that will prepare them for life in digital Britain.

Posters | Wellbeing, School Management

Bullying vs. Banter

Make your students aware of their actions with this poster that distinguishes the fine line between banter and bullying.

Guides | Homework

Understanding What Makes a Good Piece of Homework

Ensure you're setting quality homework that helps students - this guide outlines the 6 core pillars that each piece of homework you set should include.

Templates | Revision

Daily Revision Planner for Students

Prepare yourself for exams with our print out daily revision planner, we break down the day into manageable chunks and feel confident on the day.

Templates | Revision

Monthly Revision Planner for Students

Avoid cramming and start revision early with our print-out monthly revision planner. set your goals, add notes, and feel confident on the day.

Posters | Online Safety, Technology

Be Digitally Aware

Remind your students of the risks the internet poses to help them remain digitally aware and stay safe online with this poster.

Guides | Data, School Management

GDPR Overview for School Staff

Familiarise yourself with GDPR with this guide. Understand what it is, how it affects you and the types of questions you should be asking suppliers.

Guides | Assessment

Providing Efficient and Effective Feedback

Find out how to provide your students with efficient and effective feedback on their work whilst discovering what are in fact, marking myths.

Guides | Technology

Encouraging Girls into STEM Subjects

Help to close the gender gap in technology by encouraging girls to pursue STEM subjects at school with these easy to implement ideas.

Guides | Homework

Deep Dive: Differentiated Homework

Deep dive into the world of differentiated homework, get to grips with what it is, its purpose, benefits and how to apply it in your classroom.

Guides | Homework, Technology

Deep Dive: Flipped Learning

Discover the world of flipped learning with this guide, the history, how to adopt it in your classroom and the pros and cons.

Guides | Revision

Helping Your Students Get Exam Ready

Help in alleviating some of the pressures students face when it comes to exams by getting them exam ready with these easy to action revision strategies.

Infographics | Homework

The Wider Purpose of Homework

Referring to Epstein & Van Voorhis' theory, we explore the wider purpose of homework outside of just raising students attainment.

Guides | School Management, Technology

Creating a Mobile Phone Policy

Learn more about the importance of having a mobile phone policy in school as we discuss low, medium and high level options for mobile phone policies.

Guides | Homework

5 Homework Success Metrics for Teachers

Remember that the success of the homework you set shouldn't rely just on grades; there are 5 metrics that help to tell you if your homework was a success.

Guides | Assessment

Understanding Attainment 8 and Progress 8

Get an in depth understand of the new grading systems for students and schools, Attainment 8 and Progress 8, with this comprehensive guide.

Templates | Classroom Management

Lesson Plan Template for Teachers

Always plan the perfect lesson, with this easy to follow lesson plan template which outlines the key criteria that every outstanding lesson should have.

Templates | Assessment

Whole Class Feedback Sheet for Teachers

Ensure you're providing your students with valuable feedback with this easy to follow, whole-class feedback sheet template.

Checklists | Data, School Management

GDPR Compliance Checklist

Ensure your suppliers are GDPR compliant by ensuring they're able to successfully answer the questions on this checklist.

Templates | Technology

Internet Access at Home Survey

Created for schools purchasing Show My Homework, reference this survey if ever you're purchasing a software that relies on at home internet access.

Templates | Homework

Parent Homework Satisfaction Survey

Bridge the gap between home and school and find out how satisfied parents are with your current homework policy with this survey.

Guides | Classroom Management

The Impact of Effective Classroom Management

Understand how impactful good classroom management is with this guide, and strategies you can apply to your very own classroom.

Guides | School Management

Marketing Your Next PTA Fundraiser

Advice for the PTA on how to market their next fundraising event to ensure they raise as much money as possible.

Infographics | CPD

The Do's and Don'ts of Communication

Regardless of your job title, there are some fundamental rules you should remember when communicating - this infographic serves as a reminder for this.

Webinars | Homework

3 Steps to Successful Homework

Setting outstanding homework doesn't need to be hard work, we've outlined the 2 simple steps you need to follow for successful homework in this webinar.

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