What's Your Teaching Style?

What's your teaching style? Ever wondered why you teach the way you do, and what this means about you as a teacher?

Pedagogy has adapted over the years to become more supportive of the 21st century classroom and as such, there are an abundance of different viewpoints on pedagogy as well as approaches you can take.

For some teachers, our pedagogical approach is something that may now be second nature to us, whereas for others, it may be something we’ve yet to fully explore. Whatever your pedagogical stance, exploring new methods and analysing your current practice is never a bad thing - it may help you to learn something new about yourself, or you may discover a new technique that suits your teaching philosophy.

We’ve created a simple flow chart based around four prominent pedagogical approaches to help you either discover your pedagogical tendencies or explore a new approach.


Topic: Pedagogy

Type: Flow chart

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