Distance Learning Strategy Toolkit

Helping you to prepare for and tackle distance learning workload


This toolkit shares resources, tips and free tools to help you relieve some of the stress that surrounds distance learning.
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Every year, thousands of teachers in the UK fall ill due to stress. But with the added strain and anxiety of a global pandemic, this academic year has been particularly hard on teachers.

This guide explores:

  • Managing wellbeing during the pandemic
  • Decreasing workload during distance learning
  • Useful, time-saving tools
  • What your next steps as a school are

We’ve included 5 of our premium resources in this toolkit to help inform your distance learning policy and keep your classes safe online.

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During school closures in spring 2020, we supported 1 in 3 UK secondary schools to ensure that they were prepared for distance learning. We worked with our schools to provide them with the features they needed to deliver lessons over a very strange and uncertain period.


Tasks set on Satchel One in the first week of school closures


Students distance learning via the Satchel One platform


Our customer satisfaction rate during school closures