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Discover behaviour management strategies for managing behaviour in the classroom, learn about the benefits of positive behaviour management and create or review your school’s behaviour policy with this free resource pack.


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Our resource pack includes a guide to behaviour management strategies and techniques, as well as supplemental guides and insights.

behaviour management guide
Behaviour Skills Resource 4
Behaviour Skills Resource 2

Complete guide to behaviour management

Understanding behaviour

Behaviour policy

Behaviour Skills Resource 3

Low level disruption and misbehaviour

Behaviour Skills Resource 3 b

An educator's guide to shame

Behaviour Resource 5 b

Proactively fighting bullying with SEL

What is challenging behaviour?

Challenging behaviour in schools is any conduct that disrupts the learning environment or social dynamics. Examples of challenging behaviour include:

  • Talking during teaching
  • Making noise or whispering
  • Not being prepared for a lesson, like not bringing homework
  • Frequent and intentional defiance of authority
  • Harassment or bullying
  • Passing notes or texting
  • Minor defiance, like not following instructions
  • Verbal or physical aggression towards peers or teachers
  • Profanity or abusive language
Are any of these causing problems in your school?

Why focus on behaviour management?

Behaviour management is a pillar of all schools, making all the difference between a positive school environment and a negative one. An important part of your Ofsted inspection, lowering misbehaviour improves student safety, wellbeing, mental health, academic performance and more, making it crucial to the success of your school.


Level up with the Behaviour Management Suite 

The Behaviour Management Suite puts all the tools you need for reactive behaviour management into one convenient place. 

Effective and efficient behaviour management is easy in Satchel One


Implement proactive behaviour management with Skills

Make proactive behaviour management a priority and unlock improved academic, behavioural and wellbeing outcomes with Skills.

Teach your students how to behave better with all the legwork done for you. 

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