The Student Wellbeing Toolkit for Educators


This Student Wellbeing Toolkit includes practical resources and advice on how schools can look after the wellbeing of their students.

Download the toolkit here

By breaking student wellbeing down into five areas, we effectively show SLT how manageable this task can be, and how they can approach each area individually. The key areas explored are:

  • PSHE
  • Staff training
  • Bullying
  • Wellbeing policy
  • Exams


We provide actionable, high impact, low cost, advice and strategies that most schools can implement immediately; as well as downloadable resources to help raise the profile of student wellbeing and provide you with guidance on how to navigate the topic, this toolkit includes:

  • Student wellbeing guide
  • Behaviour and wellbeing policy checklists
  • Teaching wellbeing and bullying vs banter posters
  • State of student wellbeing infographic
Student Wellbeing Toolkit Mockup

1 in 10

children suffers from depression, anxiety or another diagnosable mental health problem.




of school leaders have reported an increase in the number of students experiencing anxiety or stress over the last five years.



increase in rates of depression and anxiety in teenagers in the past 25 years.