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Join our Product team live for an exciting first look at our latest MIS developments





Satchel One is expanding into an MIS, offering schools award-winning classroom management apps plus full, cloud MIS functionality. Everything you need to run and manage your school from the cloud.

This product webinar is the 4th in our ‘Inside the Satchel One MIS’ series, where Satchel’s Senior Product Managers walk viewers through our latest MIS developments. 

The theme for this webinar is ‘Exams’, with our Senior Product Managers showcasing the brand new Exams area of the Satchel One MIS. 

This in depth demo will take users through some of the key functionality of this module.



In this webinar, we:
  • Explore the Exams area of the Satchel One MIS
  • Show users how to define key exam information such as centre numbers and default exam times
  • Demonstrate creating seasons to organise exam data and uploading awarding body base data into those seasons
  • Showcase the process for defining entry due dates to ensure that deadlines are never missed
  • Learn how to quickly search available base data at the import stage and then edit option selects without having to re upload base data files
  • Update viewers on progress for launch and our roadmap
MIS exams


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  • This is a recording which you can watch whenever you like
  • Simply watch via the webinar link in the email we'll send you
 Who is this webinar for?
  • Senior Leaders looking for a more effective solution for their MIS and classroom management needs
  • Network Managers who are considering switching to a cloud-based MIS, or who wish to stay up to date on current MIS providers
  • School Administrators interested in the administration capabilities of Satchel One MIS
  • Exams Officers looking to streamline and level up the exams process


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