Satchel One for Distance Learning Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Don’t let school closures get in the way of your students’ learning. We know that not every school will have prepared for a contingency plan or had experience with distance learning, but we can support you during this period with a simple online system.

How does Satchel One support all stakeholders during a school closure?

Teachers can

green bullet tick Set classwork online
green bullet tick Attach resources for distance learning
green bullet tick Provide feedback remotely
green bullet tick View student engagement
green bullet tick Communicate with students about work
green bullet tick Issue Behaviour points
green bullet tick Send whole-school announcements

Students can

green bullet tick Submit work online
green bullet tick Message teachers about work set
green bullet tick Receive notifications when work is published
green bullet tick Get instant feedback on Quizzes & Spelling Tests
green bullet tick See their Timetable so they can study for the appropriate amount of time
green bullet tick View all grades online

Parents can

green bullet tick View their child’s classwork
green bullet tick Access resources to support their child
green bullet tick Receive push notifications about schoolwork
green bullet tick View all their child’s grades online

Our infrastructure

  • Our system is built to deal with increased traffic as necessary
  • Our infrastructure will automatically scale to support a larger than expected number of requests
  • This academic year we have maintained 99.98% uptime of our system and we will ensure we can maintain this level through this academic year regardless of increased usage by schools - see our status page
  • We regularly go through spikes of extremely high traffic during busy periods and are equipped to deal with this
  • Although this is an automated process, we also have monitoring systems in place to alert our engineering team. 
To help prepare for potential school closures as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re offering schools a free, 3 month extended evaluation period with no upfront payment.


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