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Make your teachers feel empowered and combat the cost of recruitment in your school.

Retain your staff by improving their engagement, morale and well being.




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Continuous staff feedback helps you decide the right actions to take.

Quick online surveys provide a detailed view of staff engagement, well-being and happiness.

The results give information across all your key areas, from management to school improvement.

Surveys are carried out throughout the year to give you the true picture at all times.

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Your staff feedback drives practical advice that helps you make the right decisions.

Pulse gives you visibility of staff engagement across the whole school or at group level.

Trends are revealed over time showing you the true success of your actions for improvement day by day.

Enabling you to ensure your next action will achieve your aims, as you continue to measure the impact of changes.

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Show the impact of the actions you take and measure your investment.

Your actions are aligned with your improvement plan and are focused and tracked.

The effect of these actions can be seen in your future staff engagement results.

Your staff get engaged and their morale improves with visibility of the actions changing the school.


One central place for your staff to share their ideas.

Pulse enables all your staff to share best practice advice and ideas for school improvement.

Teacher votes can popular ideas into actions giving a sense of purpose and making a difference.

All ideas created are linked to your key focus areas to ensure initiatives are always effective.

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Satchel, award winning every year

We provide powerful software and services for senior leaders to help solve school-wide issues, and are trusted worldwide to help people become the best they can be.

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